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Privacy Policy


Limited Liability Company "BBS Leads", registration number 40203061033, legal address A. Deglava str. 59-2, Riga, LV-1035 ("BabyStore") is committed to protecting customer privacy.
Accordingly, we have prepared Privacy Policy principles regarding the receipt, use, disclosure, transfer and storage of customers' personal data.
Our activities on the website are carried out in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia and the relevant legal acts of the European Union. Please take a few minutes to review our Privacy Policy.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data

1. BabyStore processes the Client's personal data on the basis of the following legal basis:

  • conclusion and execution of the contract - in order to conclude the contract at the request of the Client and execute it;
  • enforcement of regulatory enactments - in order to fulfill the obligations provided for in external regulatory enactments;
  • based on the consent of the Client-data subject;
  • statutory interests - in order to realize the obligations of BabyStore and the Client or the statutory interests of BabyStore arising from the concluded contract or law.

2. The statutory interests of BabyStore are:

  • To carry out commercial activities;
  • To verify the Client's identity before signing the contract;
  • To ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations;
  • To save the Client's orders of goods and services, as well as comments (verbal or written);
  • To analyze the activities of the BabyStore website;
  • To administer the BabyStore Client account;
  • To advertise your goods and services, send commercial messages;
  • To send notifications on the progress of the application and the purchase contract;
  • To eliminate fraud;
  • To administer purchases, payments and orders;
  • To inform the community about its activities.

Purposes of personal data processing

3. BabyStore processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • To identify the client;
  • To prepare and conclude a contract;
  • To deliver goods and prepare and provide services (fulfill contractual obligations);
  • To advertise and distribute goods or for commercial purposes;
  • To service clients;
  • To examine and process objections;
  • To administer payments;
  • To improve the performance of the website;

Processing of personal data

4. BabyStore processes Client Data using state-of-the-art technology, taking into account existing privacy risks and available organizational, financial and technical resources.

5. In order to qualitatively perform and promptly ensure the obligations of the contract concluded with the Client, BabyStore may authorize its partners to perform deliveries of certain goods or provision of services, such as delivery of goods, leasing service, sending commercial messages, etc. In fulfilling these obligations, BabyStore partners process the Client's personal data and are considered BabyStore data processing operators (processors), BabyStore has the right to transfer to the partners the Customer's personal data required for these activities to the extent necessary to perform these activities.

6. BabyStore partners (status of personal data processor) ensure compliance with personal data processing and protection requirements in accordance with the concluded Data Processing Agreement and legal acts, and will not use personal data for purposes other than performing the agreement concluded with the Client on BabyStore's behalf.

7. BabyStore does not disclose the Customer's personal data to third parties, except in the following cases:

  • If the data need to be transferred to the relevant third party under a contract (e.g. for the delivery of goods);
  • If the Customer has given explicit and unambiguous consent;
  • To persons provided for in external regulatory enactments upon their reasoned request, in accordance with the procedure and scope provided for in external regulatory enactments;
  • In cases provided for in external regulations in order to protect the statutory interests of BabyStore.

Personal data is stored:

  • as long as the agreement concluded with the Client is valid;
  • until BabyStore or the Client can implement its legitimate interests in accordance with the procedure provided for in external regulatory enactments;
  • as long as the legal obligation to retain data is in force;
  • as long as the Client's consent to the processing of the relevant personal data is valid, if there is no other legal basis for data processing.

Access to personal data and other rights of the Customer

8.The customer has the right to receive the information provided for in regulatory enactments related to the processing of his data. Most of the Customer's information is already posted on, in the section "My data", where the Customer can verify the accuracy of his data, correct it and revoke the consent to receive commercial communications.

9. The customer has the right to request the termination of the processing of his personal data, to request information about the purposes for which his personal data is used, as well as to request the transfer of his personal data in a widely used format to himself or third parties. In order to prevent the misuse of customer data and rights, the statement may only be submitted in a form that allows the identification of the person making the request. identity (application must be written digitally or submitted in person at BabyStore). We have the right to respond to these requests within 30 days.
A request to terminate the processing of data shall be considered as a request to terminate the permanent customer contract.

Customer's consent to the processing of data and the right to cancel it

The customer can consent to the processing of personal data based on consent (e.g. to receive commercial communications, etc.) on the website, by phone +371 221 10 263 or in BabyStore stores.

10. The customer has the right to revoke the consent to process the data in the same way as it was given at any time.

11. Revocation of consent does not affect the processing of data during the validity of the customer's consent.

12. Withdrawal of consent may not interrupt the processing of data on other legal grounds, such as contact with the Customer and commercial offers.

13. BabyStore contacts the Client with the contacts indicated by him (telephone number, e-mail address).

14. BabyStore communicates the fulfillment of the obligations of the service contract on the basis of the concluded contract (e.g. reconciliation of the delivery time of the goods, information on purchases and invoices, status of the leasing application, etc.).

15. BabyStore informs regarding commercial offers in accordance with regulatory enactments or with the consent of the Customer.

16. The Customer may give consent to the processing of personal data based on consent (eg to receive commercial communications, etc.) on the website, in the section "My data", by phone +371 221 10 263 or in BabyStore stores.

17. The consent given by the Client to receive commercial offers is valid until its revocation (also until the end of the service contract). The customer may at any time refuse to continue to receive commercial offers.

18. BabyStore terminates the sending of commercial communications as soon as the processing of the Customer's request begins. This can take up to three days.

Visiting the website and processing cookies

19. The BabyStore website uses cookies. Terms of cookie processing are available here.

20. The BabyStore website may contain links to third-party websites that have their own terms of use and personal data protection for which BabyStore is not responsible.

Other conditions

We accept that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy before using our website or completing an application to become a regular customer. We reserve the right to change the main terms of the Privacy Policy by informing all regular customers. However, we make every effort to ensure that the Privacy Policy is always updated and available to you on our website.

You have the right to apply to the Data Protection Inspectorate or a court at any time for the protection of your data. The Data Protection Inspectorate is a public body you can turn to when you need advice or assistance on personal data protection. To resolve issues and problems related to the Privacy Policy or data processing, as well as to refuse to receive commercial offers or to delete data completely from your profile, please contact us by e-mail. email address